Allison McGree

Allison McGree
I love art; it is the way I see the world and my attempt to understand it. I primarily work in oil paint, use bold colors, and work to capture the energy of a place. I am a Montanan and I love the natural world. Drawn to paint mountains and water, the sky, and storms; I enjoy investigating the world on a canvas.

Current process:
As an artist I reflect, study, and attempt to bridge the gap between the Visual/Artistic world and simple daily happenings. My Art and I are a work in progress. I am constantly trying to learn, to see with more clarity, and to experience life. It is important to do so in order to grow as an individual as well as an artist. Art is a layering process for me, the old "onion" analogy. Simply peeling layer upon layer and uncovering something more with each strip. I learn something each time I approach the canvas with a brush in hand. Each painting is a piece of me. My ultimate goal is to continue learning as I move forward with my work, a perpetual student.

In my work I try to emphasize the enormous beauty in simplistic images. I hope to help others to take the time to stop, take a breath, and to begin to notice simple moments of splendor. I use light, reflections, and bright colors to transform objects from seemingly simple and mundane to bold and attention grabbing. In capturing awe inspiring frozen pieces of time, I hope to share a piece of myself and a connection with the viewer of my artwork.

Recently, I have begun to focus my study on simple pieces of time. These "moments" are times when I remember why I choose to live in Montana. An early summer morning when the sun casts glowing color on trees, watching a storm looming over the Bridger Mountains, or on a cold, dark, winter morning, seeing the sun rising over Lone Peak. These spots of time can be even simpler. The moment a flower is enlarged on a canvas, it loses its perfect form and transforms into something more chaotic and abstract. Art is my way to revel in and to study what I find to be beautiful. By doing so, I hope to share a moment of simple awe and possibly a different rhythm and perspective with my viewer.
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