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I love art.
It is the way I see the world, my attempt to understand it, deal with the ups and downs and how I communicate with others. Share, teach, paint, draw, listen, learn, think, look, create..I love it all

Art is a journey to uncover who I am; a hope that finding myself will bring me closer to others. I believe that the practice of creating art tears away layers of rules and logic and exposes the human essence. This essence can also be referred to as the soul, the great more, the base of each of us, "it." Whatever language you choose to describe "it," it is the core that is each of us.

We all have the ability to see and experience the rawness and honesty of humanity through art. Art gives us a voice; a place in the universe and a bridge across differences. We need art because we need to believe that there is something more. I have hope that pure artistic beauty can bring us purpose, fulfillment, happiness, understanding and compassion.
What would the world look like if we gave every human the tools to create their own art, to share their own story? What if each of us lost the fear to do so? Would we understand one another more? Would we gain strength seeing that each of us struggles? I think we would. If we understand ourselves on a deeper level, how could we not empathize more with others?

I am driven to share the tools of my trade. I believe that art and knowledge can transform each of us. By transforming each of us individually, imagine the greater possibilities.
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